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“Its time to just say 'no' to impersonal business practice. I have built Fore2Feet around the lost art of extraordinary service, convenience to the people who matter, my patients and clients, and unparalleled results. This is so exciting for me and my team! Whether it be through our home care delivery model, the amazing ‘Fore2feet Footscan360’ App which allows our clients to easily design their own orthotics, our country club programs for golfers and tennis players, doctor partnerships or our line of ready-fit insoles, we have this!"
Rob Feldman, LPed, CEO

My Core Values.

To enhance quality of life, provide an opportunity for people to enjoy the activities that are so important to active lifestyle through providing a comprehensive foot wellness delivery system of leveraging technology, expertise, and most important, and unusual service.

Throwback Service

Remember the days of housecalls, not locking the doors when the clock struck the hour, creating good will by just sincerely wanting to make a difference in somebody’s life? Thousands of our clients and patients now have a reminder of those days. Foot health is our main goal, the sincerity of caring is our spirit!


The foot is a dynamic machine with 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. My team is required to understand complex anatomy, biomechanical challenges, and various pathologies. We embrace learning more everyday, while not quitting until we get the job done for our referring professionals and patients.

Technology, Design, and Precision

If service and expertise are the engine, then the product must be the wheels to make things move properly. I searched tiressly to identify the finest researchers utilizing only the most advanced technology to deliver optimal results!

Niche Delivery

Solving foot problems through proper support is and will always be our primary goal. Foot health will always take a precedence over performance on the course, courts, or fields of play, However, our technically designed golf, tennis, pickleball, and specialty orthotics have placed us in a arena of our own!


Rob Feldman is the owner of Own2feet, Inc. and it’s sports affiliate Fore2Feet. Rob has 18 years of experience in customer orthotics and foot care. He specializes in the design of custom orthotics for athletes. One unique aspect of Fore2Feet is Rob’s proprietary design of lifestyle orthotics tailored to specific activities such as golf, tennis, and Pickleball, for both men and women. 



Fore2Feet also focuses on providing relief for those with general foot problems. Rob has leveraged his passion and expertise with technology to offer the finest 3-D printed devices. Adding to the unique nature of Fore2Feet is a throwback to a simpler time as the company specializes in house calls. Patients can enjoy the convenience, comfort, and privacy of their own homes, while receiving expert care. We take the necessary time to impart our knowledge of common foot problems and solutions.


He has broadened the scope of the company through direct relationships with exclusive country clubs, governing bodies such as the PGA of America, and only the most prestigious, healthcare systems and physicians in the South and Southwest Florida areas.

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