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Do not hesitate to consult us for any foot problems.

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We make it easy to reach out to us and speak to one of our licensed footcare specialists.  Whether it be guidance on the scanning technology or ordering, do not hesitate to contact us by either calling us or emailing.  Also, you can call us, email us, or click on either link to the right in order to schedule a short and meaningful 15-minute tele-consult to discuss advice on managing many common foot pathologies.


Our footcare specialists are experienced in discussing many common but annoying foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Ankle and Arch Pain, Bunions, Morton’s Neuromas, and more.  We offer a 15-minute consultation by just clicking on the button below and checking out to pay our small nominal fee of $45.00.  Should we feel you require more advanced care, we will refer you to one of the physicians in our strong network of providers in your area.  We will then collaborate on your care. 

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