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Do you remember when your doctor visited you as a child with his little bag of remedies?  Well, we have come full circle at Fore2Feet with our one-of-a-kind House call services.  Provided in the convenience and privacy of your home, we guarantee to bring you 3 things, professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to your foot health by making sure your orthotics, and footwear, all match like a happy marriage.  Our goal is also to take the necessary time, and provide an examination of your foot anatomy, complaints, footwear, and gait, and explain it all to you to secure the best results with your orthotics and footwear.  We bring the worlds of technology and service together!

We make it easy to schedule your home visit.  Currently, we offer home visits in South Florida including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Naples, Florida. You will see scheduling options in our appointment section of this website. Next, Our clinician will reach out for a short conversation to learn more about your foot and ankle concerns, explain our process, and confirm the time, date, and address. You are now ready to go and soon you will hear the doorbell ring!

Upon meeting your friendly pet (yes, we are pet friendly), we will establish our area for your thorough exam.  As indicated, this includes a history of your foot problems, a thorough foot analysis including anatomy and biomechanical motions of the feet, gait analysis, a review of footwear, and pictures of your lower extremities that are references for us. We then explain precisely and concisely the issues surrounding your feet and our game plan to relieve your pain and get you back into the game.

Fore2Feet utilizes the latest in 3-D scanning resulting in a 3-D printed Orthotic.   Our scanning process is very unique and clinically oriented, not to be confused with the gimmicky ‘kiosks’ sold through less trained retail stores.  We will capture every aspect of your foot in a raised position (non-weight bearing), upload it to our portal, and make all of the necessary design modifications to place your foot precisely in the correct anatomical position.

It does not end there!  Your orthotics will be precisely fabricated 3-D printed, transition through 3 points of quality control, then returned to your practitioner for yet another personal visit. You will not receive a box in the mail with your orthotics but rather another doorbell ring at a scheduled time to dispense your new orthotics.  At that time, your Fore2Feet clinician will review your adjustment period instructions and care for your new addition.

We view our patients not as customers just buying a product, but as partners in their care. It is the only way to maintain success and eradicate any problems that may result such as minor fit modifications and footwear changes. We stick with you and make sure your feet do not stop you from enjoying the activities that are so important to your lifestyle!

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3D!

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