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A multi-faceted approach to bringing you foot comfort, reduce and eliminate pain, and provide the best performance

The goal – bring enjoyment back to your life by eliminating those nagging foot problems like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, arthritis, Morton’s neuromas, sprains, and so many more! Fore2feet is the only company specializing in a wide spectrum of orthotic production designed to meet your lifestyle, athletic activity needs all delivered with convenience to acquire them in many ways, in your busy lives! Whether through an event at your country club, referral from your physician for home visits, using our exclusive ‘Fore2feet Scanner’ on the Apple Store, or ordering one of our highly specialized Ready-Fit orthotic prototypes, Fore2feet can eliminate the ‘Agony of Da-Feet’

Family Of Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

One type of foot orthotic cannot be everything to everybody. Our 3-D Printed custom orthotics are fabricated from a very precise and adjusted image of your foot in its proper biomechanical position. Our primary goal is to use this technology and expertise to rid you of the aches and pains of heel, ankle, arch, and ball of foot pain. But we raise the bar even more! Our orthotics have special design elements researched by sports professionals, foot care specialists, and kinesiologists with prototype designs for the games you love to play, golf, tennis, pickleball, and even weekend warrior activities. Each orthotic is designed digitally to the ‘DNA’ of your foot type and fitted personally to perfection.

Ready-Fit Orthotics

All of our Ready-Fit Orthotics are precisely designed utilizing the same 3-D printing found in our custom orthotics. Not everybody requires a custom solution, but a specialized product designed for your golf, tennis, pickleball, and general use precisely provides the same design format, giving you the comfort and support you demand.

Foot Wellness and Support Done Differently


Unlike other companies providing services on the web, we feel it is important to offer an evaluation to each client before a purchase is made. That is why we offer the Fore2Feet tele-evaluation. During this 15-minute conversation, we will provide an efficient but yet in-depth review of your foot concerns, footwear, and guide you to the best solution possible.


Our orthotics are truly unique and we aim to match them properly to your lifestyle. Whether an avid golfer, tennis player, pickleball player, or active adult with foot discomfort, we will get to the root of the problem and only then can we make the proper recommendations for orthotics. We offer a solution for all anatomical needs and budgets.


Upon completion of our evaluation, you can be referred to one of our team of foot and ankle physicians and practitioners. We also have a staff physical therapist who specializes in foot biomechanics. Local clients to South Florida, Naples, and the greater Philadelphia area will have direct access to our team of foot care specialists via telemedicine call or in-office visit. Our medical team reviews and signs off on all custom orthotic orders.


Don’t be fooled by ‘Web’ companies claiming specialty orthotics, they simply don’t exist. Our orthotics are designed and are visually difference, and truly address the needs of the primary sports we service, expanding well beyond that of golf, tennis, and golf.

How Can I Get My Orthotics

House calls are the gold standard for the Fore2Feet service as we have been servicing the South and Southwest Florida areas for almost 2 decades. We make it easy to schedule your appointments by clicking on the links on this page. You can look forward to an on-time visit, a complete foot evaluation including anatomical examination, gait analysis, review and recommendations of footwear, discussion of your discomfort, and our plan of care and selection of orthotics. We then return to fit you properly and stand behind our work.

Our Pre-Molded orthotics meet the design requirements of each of our prototypes including golf, tennis, pickleball, therapeutic and lifestyle, dress, and even high-heel and sandal orthotics. It is easy to select your Pre-Molded orthotics from our store while even upgrading to a custom orthotic by downloading our Fore2Feet application from the iOs store or scheduling your home visit. Lots of colors, arch heights, and sizes to choose from!

Many of our clients enjoy the benefits that country club life has to offer. Our orthotics can be found and purchased in many ways through hundreds of clubs and the list is growing. Look out for the addition of your club to our network or recommend our exciting 1-2 day foot wellness events. We will also have ClubScan360, our in-shop partner to the ‘Fore2Feet’ Scanning App. Introduce us to your club and receive a VERY SPECIAL gift!

Our success has partially been driven by close partnerships and trusted by physicians and providers in the communities we serve. So, if you do not have a trusted practitioner, we would be happy to direct you to some of the most reputed in the area. If you have a practitioner, make sure to mention us! It is very important that we work with your physician, therapist, etc, to provide the finest continuity of care.

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Introducing A New Era In Custom Golf Orthotics from Fore2Feet

The only ‘true’ golf orthotic, Fore2feet has leveraged the expertise of physical therapists, golf professionals, and foot care specialists. Integrate foot wellness and the nagging pains while applying design elements required for optimal performance. This is addressed in 3 ways; first, by providing balance at set up keeping the player off their toes and heels, second, by maintaining weight on the inside of the transition leg thus reducing sway, triggering the transition from the lower extremity (no ‘coming over the top’) to your left side and a balanced finish.



The only ‘true’ tennis orthotic.  Fore2Feet has leveraged the expertise of physical therapists, tennis professionals, and footcare specialists to integrate foot wellness while reducing pain associated with nagging injuries using proprietary design elements for optimal performance.  This is addressed in 4 ways.   First, by stabilizing the ankle with the deep Fore2Feet ‘flange’ and heel cup on both the inner and outer section of the ankles. Second by providing added support behind the ball of the foot with a cushioned Fore2Feet ‘met pad’ while gently allowing the ball of the foot to rest softly in a cushioned channel while you are on your toes. Third, an added cushioned channel directly under the first toe and the proprietary Fore2Feet wedge directly behind the big toe to aid in propulsion. Fourth, mega cushioning so your orthotic takes those ground forces and not your feet.  Tell your tennis professional about it today!

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