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Say Goodbye to Foam Boxes and Gimmicky store Kiosks

FeetScan360 is a free technology found on the Apple Store under ‘Fore2Feet’.  The technology is easily downloadable and provides all of the necessary tools to capturing a digital image of your feet, positional pictures, description of foot complaints, and even register for tele-health consultations.

“It’s as easy as 1-2-3D! It is certainly not done with gimmicky kiosks and foam boxes sent through the postal service. Our FeetScan360, driven by the Fore2feet IOS app, is available for free download on the Apple App Store. It's precise and simple scanning and data capture makes it an easy and convenient 5-minute process to get our lab your complete foot profile.

Our goal is to leverage technology and 1:1 professional service for optimal outcomes. So, whether trying to enhance performance on the course, courts, or daily living, or putting out the fire of plantar fasciitis, our 5-minute state-of-the-art process and two-week delivery is just a few clicks away!"

Rob Feldman, LPed, CEO

Download the free App directly from the Apple Store

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Step 01

Begin by downloading the application in the Apple App store. Once downloaded proceed to step 02 by clicking "Next Step" below.

Supports IPhone 10 and Greater and IPad Pro; Android Devices are not yet supported.

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Step 02

After you have watched the video, select the
"Let's Get Started" button to begin the
registration process. Once you complete the
registration, click on the "Next Step" button below.

Begin Registration
Let’s Get Started!

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Step 03

Provide us with some basic information for our records such as name, gender, email, date of birth, and the type of orthotics you would like to purchase.

Note: based upon the insole type(s) selection, you will be guided through some simple choices.

Enter Your Information

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Step 04

This is an example of the information you will select in order to choose which type of orthotic you would like to purchase. You can select any combination of shoes you plan on wearing the insoles in. Once you made your selection click "Next" on the app and "Next Step" below.

Insole Information

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Step 05

The first part of this step is to click on the 'Foot problems' at the top of the screen, which will bring you to another screen. On that screen, select all of the problems you are experiencing and then select 'Back To Previous". When returning to the 'Foot Problems' screen, please indicate if you have knee, ankle, hip pain.

Foot Problems

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Step 06

Please click on any foot problems you have either historically experienced or currently have. This helps us in our design process.

Foot Pathologies

Now it’s time to show us your feet. We are going to have you take pictures of each foot from multiple angles.

Show Us Your Feet

Follow The Direction by clicking on the "Next Step"

Step 07 (Part 01)

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* Our software requires iOS 16.4 or later and is only available with an Apple iPhone or iPad.







Click on “Tap to Scan Left Foot”

Watch video, then tap “close”

Tap circle on the bottom of screen (You have 5 seconds to place your iPhone or iPad on ground)

Place iPhone or iPad on the ground screen side up

Tap circle which has now turned red

Hover foot so foot appears in the image of the foot on the screen


Watch it countdown 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and voila!





Step 07 (Part 02)

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Step 07 (Part 03)

Only two of the pictures are required (standing front is optional); Top of foot and arch height are required. If you can ask a friend or family to take a picture of ‘standing front’ as designated in the picture tutorial, that is helpful but not required.

Let’s Grab a few More Pictures

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Some information about the advantages of 3-D printing

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